Khubaib Sports Club

On admission into prison, Khubaib Foundation assign prisoners to useful physical work to make them thoroughly appreciate their participation and thus despise their criminal acts and also realize that sports activities in itself are practical substitutes for criminal activities. Prisoners who are medically fit are encouraged as far as possible, to actively participate in out door, competitive energetic games after the daily labour to develop their mental well-being.

Khubaib Sports Club is established with the intention to change the behavior of prisoners and to help them relax. Prisoners are engaged in competitive indoor and outdoor games on the prison’s compound and annual Tournaments are being arranged at different jails of Pakistan. Inmates of the high-security are introduced to more recreational and sports activities. While kabaddi and volleyball are being allowed by jail authorities as outdoor games, chess and carrom are being introduced as indoor activities.  

Khubaib Foundation regularly plan sports competitions within the barracks and, later, among winning teams from all the barracks. The Foundation hopes that besides overcoming idleness among inmates, this initiative also encourages positive interaction among the prisoners.

Khubaib Foundation requested the sports authorities to come up with a plan to provide infrastructure, markings on the ground and coaches for the initial training for these games at Prisons of Pakistan. Khubaib Sports Club provides equipment for indoor games like badminton, volley ball, table tennis, Chess, Ludo.