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Khubaib Foundation with special blessing of Al -mighty Allah has been engaged in the services of humanity since 1999. Some of the important ventures of the past decade deal in great part with the support & care of children. We provided an Education system that guarantees the framework necessary to raise students with adequate preparation for productive lives in the 21st century. The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Turkey started in 1995. After the earthquake in Pakistan in 2005, the IHH Turkey became one of the first organizations that extended its aid to Pakistan. Beside various aids for earthquake victims, projects were developed to build permanent housing and education setup in Pakistan and AJK. Khubaib Colleges are being run by Khubaib Foundation with the help of IHH and other donor parties.

Goals & Objectives

Khubaib Foundation has a far reaching vision to promote all talented and deserving children through Education as an investment for future generations in the light of Islam. They are the ones who will inherit the Nation, therefore they should be equipped to carry the mission of equality and fair principles for people of all backgrounds & social status, as well as bear strong character of moral and ethics' integrity. They will be academically & technologically well-polished, confident & strong in every sense to face today's challenges.

Message from the Principal

Khubaib is a college offering education to children from class one to masters Level. We have the most committed professionals at its helm, to go from strength to strength, in terms of popularity, success and numbers. Our primary aim at Khubaib is to provide a learning environment dedicated to quality education. We believe that a truly educated person should achieve a significant depth of understanding in relevant academic discipline, and we encourage our students to become more than just narrow specialists. We produce an educated person in the world of ideas, who values learning for its own sake. He or She is an individual whose life is enriched by new interests, new sensitivities, and new modes of thought and understanding acquired through broad exposure to pure sciences, humanities and social sciences. Moreover, we at Khubaib colleges, believe in an education that prepares intelligent and responsible people who can participate and face challenges of the contemporary world of action. We encourage students to think carefully and communicate clearly about fundamental questions concerning aesthetic, ethical and social values. We want our students to become person whose thinking unite reason and knowledge, and is coupled with feeling, sympathy and commitment. For this, we believe that knowledge is the absolute solution.

What makes Khubaib different?

Khubaib College is dedicated to the synthesis of practical occidental systems with philosophical oriental cultural influences, in an endeavor to create future world citizens according to the teachings of Islam. It is our mission to provide future generations an exclusive all round education, an exclusivity of merit where the very best is brought out in each child to enable him/her to be confident and independent. The dedication to free inquiry and engagement is exemplified by the history of KHUBAIB. A tolerance of spirit that perpetrates freedom, whether of work, workship, speech or academic research. Provision of a warm friendly environment where students feel secure, confident and cared for encouraging them to realize their true potential. Close supervision and monitoring not only to achieve academic excellence but groom and train them according to our cultural values, morals ethics and infuse discipline and order in their lives.

Summary of Unique Features

  • State of the art Earthquake proof buildings.
  • Very experienced educationists and teaching faculty.
  • Library housed with a wide range of academic/stimulating reference books/ magazines/ informative and entertaining and creative publications.
  • Environment that ensures an exciting and a stimulating learning experience.
  • Developing the child's thinking and creative skills.
  • 6. Integrating polarities of the rectangle of children, parents faculty and management.
  • State of the art and computer/Science labs.
  • School infirmary with all the first aid facilities under the charge of a qualified staff.
  • Inculcating, in children, the spirit of care and concern along with their growth and grooming.
  • Imparting lessons ensuring intimate involvement of young minds.
  • Pursuing the ultimate growth of well fostered, well groomed, confident, responsible, tolerant and adaptable global citizens.
  • Devising and implementing a study plan which is realistic, competitive and achievable.
  • Striving to achieve optimum professional competence through patience, love and tenderness.
  • Interacting and dealing with each child, keeping in view the delicacies and intricacies of his or her mind, through an in depth psychological perception.
  • Using latest Montessori teaching methods and techniques that ensure to create love for learning.
  • Audio visual aids.
  • First hand exposure to practical life experiences.
  • 80% of work is covered in school, under the supervision of the teachers.
  • Only 20% of the learning assignments are given as homework for reinforcement.
  • Free Extra/additional morning coaching in case of any academic short comings.
  • Learning and play activities.
  • Mental, physical and emotional growth.
  • Development of communication skills.
  • Academic and social development.
  • Overall grooming, etiquettes, manners and values.
  • Tender care and loving environment to grow up as a confident, disciplined and an aware entity.
  • Facility of a full time doctor at the School premises.
  • Regular Medical check ups.
  • Turkish language courses.
  • Hifaz of selected part of Quran
  • Command on basic Islamic knowledge.
  • Modern education for every child in light of Islam.

International Exposure

  • Participation in international conferences.
  • International youth exchange programs.
  • International visits.
  • Participation in international competitions.

Instructional Philosophy

Clear Standard Guidelines Rich & Balanced Curriculum Equality of Academic & religious Education Goodness of Character is First Self Discovery oriented Activities Raised Self Esteem leads to Ambition Teachers with Vision

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